Energy Business Experts

Energy Business Experts


Green Gas Flame

Green Gas

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Methane Emissions: Low Hanging Fruit

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COP26: Last Chance Saloon for Fossil Fuels?

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UK Carbon Emissions Reporting Requirements


Development of Hydrogen Infrastructure


Focus on Blue Hydrogen (August 2020)

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Geophysics & Seismic Analysis in CCUS Projects

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Hydrocarbon and Geothermal Resources

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Carbon Markets - Beyond COP 26


Differing Global Paths to Future Hydrogen Market


Blue Hydrogen to Support Decarbonisation

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Underground Hydrogen Storage (UHS)

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Rules to Enhance and Standarize Climate-Related Disclosures

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Five things America Learned in 2021 about a World without Carbon...

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Trends in Upstream Fiscal Terms

Carbon Monetisation

Carbon Monetisation Concepts

Third Party Articles

GeoExpro: New Studies in the Levant Basin

Authors: Nick Stronach & Barbara Holzweber, GaffneyCline; Michael Gardosh & Maria Kachkachev-Shuifer, Israel Ministry of Energy

OGCI CCUS Article Image

Authors: AFRY & GaffneyCline

GeoExpro: Who Owns the Oil?

Author: Doug Peacock

Natural Gas & LNG Options

Contributing Author: Nick Fulford