Evaluation of
Hydrogen Pathways

Commercially match feed stocks and hydrogen production methods, with end-use markets and incentives

Opportunities exist to commercially match various feed stocks (fuels, electricity) and hydrogen production methods (reformation, electrolysis and pyrolysis), with various end-use markets and incentives. Each pathway has a level of cost and performance today, which can change in the future

GaffneyCline reduces the uncertainty associated with hydrogen investments by providing independent review of projects, technologies and markets. We recently produced this insight article on the balance between Green and Blue Hydrogen in the short- to mid-term Hydrogen energy market. The article focuses on the practical development of the Blue Hydrogen sector and provides a commentary on the risks and uncertainties related to significant and rapid sector expansion.

Hydrogen Chart

This recent article we had published in the Petroleum Economist expands on our detailed knowledge of project cost to compare the foundations of Green and Blue Hydrogen Levelised Cost.

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