Petroleum Economics & Feasibility Studies

Petroleum Economics & Financial Feasibility Studies

Proven credibility among potential investors and financiers

Economic analysis and the preparation of a financial study require a strong grounding in both the technical and financial aspects of the project. The objectivity of the evaluation is an important factor in the credibility placed on the study as perceived by potential investors and financiers. GaffneyCline has the credentials and the reputation for impartiality sought. GaffneyCline provides impartial and reasoned opinions in reports concerning viability of projects from a financial perspective, offering a solid basis for decision making. 

GaffneyCline’s analysis looks to define the scale/capacity of the project, technology to be employed, and an estimate of capital/operating costs, along with assessment of the expected product mix and related price prospects, to analyze the project thoroughly. We use our in-house cost databases and cash flow models to reflect the key project parameters, enabling us to assess the project base case and analyze sensitivities. This helps GaffneyCline and our clients to understand the project’s potential economic performance under a number of possible scenarios (e.g., changing product price environments, variations in capital or operating costs), to ensure the project passes the client’s own economic hurdles, even if downside scenarios are encountered.

GaffneyCline’s extensive capabilities to model the economic performance of an upstream development are mirrored in our ability to assess the performance of a midstream or downstream project under varying economic/commercial assumptions. Whether considering a crude oil pipeline project, a gas processing facility, an ammonia plant, or a full-complexity upgrading refinery, GaffneyCline’s midstream/downstream specialists and economists provide all of the necessary experience in-house. 

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