Refining & Petrochemicals

Refining & Petrochemicals

Technical and Commercial insight to navigate the Energy Transition

While overall demand for crude oil-based liquid fuels comes under pressure, at the same time the need to produce cleaner and greener fuels and petrochemical products is intensifying. To operate safe, reliable, and profitable assets on a sustainable basis requires both the application of technical competence in Refining and Petrochemicals, and a thorough understanding of the complexities of regional and global market dynamics. Project investment decisions carry risk and uncertainty, and the many variables necessary to understand an opportunity require sophisticated analysis and expertise.  

GaffneyCline carries out technical due diligence to assess the configuration and operational integrity of facilities and the processes in place to ensure reliability.  We advise on technical matters, including assessment of process specifics to achieve an optimal product mix. We also provide expert analysis on feedstock, product market and pricing, together with advice on sales, purchase contracts, capital and operating expenditure, staffing/organizational requirements, and choice of management systems.  We provide comparisons with current and future competition and business threats, along with robust economic modelling in order to estimate spend and gross margin profiles, NPV and IRR. 

We have experienced Downstream staff who, in addition to working on a range of assignments for GaffneyCline’s clients, have spent many years working for a number of the sector’s key Refining and Petrochemical players.  As such, the support provided by GaffneyCline is based on practical experience. All assignments are individual, such that the solutions directly address a client’s specific challenges – off the shelf answers are never the norm.

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