Resource Assessment & Development

Resource Assessment & Development

Experience with all life cycle stages

After making a discovery, the most value-adding activity which an oil and gas industry participant can undertake is implementing a successful development of that discovery.  Accurate quantification of the amount of petroleum reserves contained within a discovered field, together with the selection of the development option best suited to maximize the value of those reserves, are absolutely fundamental to the success of all companies which invest in the upstream oil and gas industry, no matter how large or how small they may be, and irrespective of where their assets are located.

GaffneyCline has well over 50 years of experience quantifying oil and gas reserves at all stages in the exploration and production process, from the earliest exploration activity through to mature field management.  For resource assessment we have experts covering the full technical subsurface spectrum of capabilities: geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists and reservoir engineers.  In addition, we employ a wide range of facilities engineers, economic and market analysts and financial modelers with deep experience in optimizing economic value by advising on selection of the most valuable development option given reserves, costs, market fundamentals and fiscal terms.  These capabilities can also be deployed to support industry clients through the production phase, and in interactions with lenders, investors, regulators, host governments and other third parties.

All of GaffneyCline’s people are experienced industry professionals and through them we offer an unrivaled, integrated advisory capability in the areas of resource quantification and development option review.  We have broad and deep experience throughout the world and across the industry value chain. Together these elements of GaffneyCline’s experience put us in an extremely strong position to advise you in respect of any type of oil and gas development anywhere in the world. 

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Reserves & Resource Evaluation, Audit, Assessment

The cornerstone of GaffneyCline’s advisory work and clients’ E&P value

Field Development Planning

Integrated support to evaluate and select optimal development solutions

Due Diligence

Focused opportunity evaluation and informed risk assessment

Unitisation and Redetermination (U&R)

Technical and strategic advice founded on detailed procedural understanding

Expert Witness, Litigation & Arbitrations

GaffneyCline provides impartial opinions internationally

Market Analysis

Bespoke reports as well as regional reviews

Hydrocarbon Commercialization

Optimizing commercialization options for maximum project value

Asset & Corporate Valuations

Robust commercial evaluations for M&A and financing

Competent Person's Report

Trusted, independent opinions concerning stock exchange listings

Reservoir Characterization

Multi-disciplinary teams are fundamental to our approach

Petroleum Economics & Feasibility Studies

Proven credibility among potential investors and financiers

Reservoir Modelling

Data integration and uncertainty recognition

Exploration and Resources Maturation Strategies

Tailored portfolio management systems for oil and gas clients

Abandonment & Decommissioning

Assisting organisations with end of field life strategy and regulatory obligations

Carbon Intensity of Oil & Gas Supply

Quantification of current and future carbon intensity for oil and gas supply

Contract Negotiation

First-hand experience negotiating all types of oil & gas industry agreements worldwide

Exploration Studies including Basin Evaluation

Proven geoscience track record

Contracts Advisory

Global experience covering all types of oil & gas industry contracts

Prospect Evaluation Risk Assessment

Independent volumetric assessments and risk estimates

Unconventional Resources

Unlock potential with GaffneyCline’s knowledge and new technology

Portfolio Optimization

Multi-disciplinary expertise directed at high-grading company asset portfolios   

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