Carbon Management & Energy Transition

Trusted technical, commercial & strategic advice and assessments

The Carbon Management practice at GaffneyCline builds on our oil and gas expertise by performing technical, commercial and strategic assessment of carbon & climate risks and opportunities. This provides trusted, 3rd party due diligence to our clients in their evaluations, reporting requirements, permit applications, and financial transactions.

The Carbon Management practice provides four pillars of activity to our clients that can be combined into a systematic approach to understand and solve energy transition issues related to oil and gas resources, assets and investments:

1. Quantification of carbon intensity (the amount of CO2 equivalent emissions per unit of product) for benchmarking against an existing database of 9,000 fields across 90 countries as not all fields are created, developed, or operated equally.

2. Evaluation of carbon and climate policies and regulations across the value chain (from reservoir to point of sale) and how these may influence business competitiveness over time.

3. Assessment of carbon solutions that are available to avoid, reduce, replace, offset or sequester CO2 equivalent emissions in a cost-effective, time-based manner to ensure continued compliance and competitiveness.

4. Verification of emissions reductions to provide an independent view for stakeholders and enable realization of associated benefits. 

These insights, coupled with GaffneyCline’s expert analysis, enable our clients such as E&P companies, midstream, downstream, utilities, equity investors, sovereign asset owners and regulators to make informed decisions on project acquisitions, developments and investments.

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Carbon Market Assessment

Review of carbon credit types - by technology, scale, distribution and volumes

Carbon policy impact on oil and gas reserves

Evaluation of the potential impact of carbon pricing on audited reserves and resources.

Carbon Intensity of Oil & Gas Supply

Quantification of current and future carbon intensity for oil and gas supply

Carbon Capture Use and Storage (CCUS) project evaluations

Site-screening, field development planning, and 3rd party review of secure geological storage 

Evaluation of Hydrogen Pathways

Commercially match various feed stocks (fuels, electricity) and hydrogen production methods (reformation, electrolysis and pyrolysis), with various end-use markets and incentives

Methane Management Solutions

A value-based approach to setting emission reduction targets/benchmarking

Green Finance for Carbon Management Projects

Independent opinion & review of the applicability of green finance funding

Due Diligence

Focused opportunity evaluation and informed risk assessment

Expert Witness, Litigation & Arbitrations

GaffneyCline provides impartial opinions internationally

Energy Strategy & Regulatory Framework

Thoughtful counsel from seasoned energy professionals

Contracts Advisory

Global experience covering all types of oil & gas industry contracts

Energy Security (National Energy Planning)

GaffneyCline understands that national clients have unique needs

Contract Negotiation

First-hand experience negotiating all types of oil & gas industry agreements worldwide

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