Energy Business Experts

Energy Business Experts


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What Data is King

What Data Is King? Who Prevails in Upstream Decision Making

Presenter: Peter Adam

Trap filled

Is Your Trap Filled to Spill?

Presenter: Doug Peacock

Carbon Pricing

Carbon Pricing and Its Potential Impact on Reserves

Presenter: Rawdon Seager

SPE Webinars

SPE Reserves
10th November 2020

Reserves Guidelines: Why, Where, and How?

Carbon Footprint
15th October 2020

Taking Leadership: Total’s Carbon Footprint Reduction

SPE Unitization
19th August 2020

Who Owns the Oil? The How and Why of Unitization

21st July 2020

Gaia Talk: CCUS – Outlook, Drivers & Barriers

AAPG Webinars

AAPG presentation
8th October 2020

The Impact of Low or Volatile Oil Prices on Reserves and Resources Estimates

AIPN Webinars

Please note these recordings require an AIPN membership to view.

AIPN Colombia
5th November 2020
25th June 2020
AIPN LNG Sale & Purchase
29th October 2020
AIPN Market and Force Majeure
30th April 2020
AIPN Unitization webinar
26th October 2020
AIPN Looking Past Covid
30th September 2020

Other Webinars

Evaluate Energy Webinar
25th March 2021

2021 and Energy Transition

CCUS UH Webinar
9th October 2020

Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage

Decommissioning Wave Webinar
25 March 2021

The Coming Decommissioning Wave in Asia Pacific

Akin Gump Webinar
8th July 2020

The Outlook for Global and Asia Regional LNG

PE LNG Webinar
8th December 2020

PE LNG to Power North America

OTC Webinar
4th November 2020

Making CCUS Part of Your Portfolio