Policy & Commercial Advice

Policy & Commercial Advice

Delivering technically grounded investment evaluations

Attracting investments and valuing opportunities poses unique challenges in today’s competitive landscape. Governments need to benchmark their value proposition with alternatives available to attract companies globally. Likewise, private companies need to consider how best to optimize their deployment of capital. In all cases, rigorous, comprehensive and independent analysis is key. 

Leveraging teams of multidisciplinary professionals with extensive experience as both executives and practitioners, GaffneyCline provides resilient, real world advice.  This is achieved through a dialog between technical and commercial professionals who understand the drivers of industry players and can estimate the value of assets based on their unique characteristics in an ever-changing environment. 

Through their unique global experience, GaffneyCline’s economists are trusted advisors to Sovereigns promoting their country’s resources, to executives optimizing their company’s portfolio, and to shareholders valuing their investments. GaffneyCline provides strategic and commercial counsel for industry milestone transactions and has done so for decades.

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Expert Witness, Litigation & Arbitrations

GaffneyCline provides impartial opinions internationally

Energy Strategy & Regulatory Framework

Thoughtful counsel from seasoned energy professionals

Hydrocarbon Commercialization

Optimizing commercialization options for maximum project value

Market Analysis

Bespoke reports as well as regional reviews

Energy Security (National Energy Planning)

GaffneyCline understands that national clients have unique needs

Licensing Round Management

Global experience in all aspects of hydrocarbon bid rounds and licensing

Due Diligence

Focused opportunity evaluation and informed risk assessment

Asset & Corporate Valuations

Robust commercial evaluations for M&A and financing

Country Entry Strategy

Adopt best practices with GaffneyCline’s industry insights

Contracts Advisory

Global experience covering all types of oil & gas industry contracts

Petroleum Economics & Feasibility Studies

Proven credibility among potential investors and financiers

Partner Identification

Exploit GaffneyCline’s 50-year knowledge of energy industry players

Contract Negotiation

First-hand experience negotiating all types of oil & gas industry agreements worldwide

Joint Venture (JV) Representation

Direct and varied experience managing and supporting oil and gas industry joint ventures

Fiscal Advisory & Benchmarking

Broad and insightful analysis of fiscal terms in a business-focussed context

Portfolio Optimization

Multi-disciplinary expertise directed at high-grading company asset portfolios   

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